Laser Marker (Table Moving Type)


Name of Equipment
Laser Marker (Table Moving Type)

Design to engrave data (1D & 2D barcode, text or graphic) on boards. It is essential machine for traceability and marking data will not be worn off when it passes time.

Standard Features
1. Applicable Laser Head Source : CO2, Fiber, YVO4
2. Auto Width Adjustment
3. Graphical User Interface
4. 3 Color Tower Lamp with Audible Alarm
5. Safety Shutter for Board Entrance & Exit
6. X, Y axis Table controlled by Servo Motor Drive
7. Conforms to SMEMA Spec. 1.2

1. Barcode Scanner for Marking Code Verification
2. Exterior Fume Odor Eliminator
3. Fiducial Mark Recognition System
4. Network Connection (MES)

Model ELM-700
Type YL
PCB Size (LxW, mm) 50x50 ~ 430x350
Machine Dimension (LxWxH, mm) 1000x1350x1570
Weight (kg) 580

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