In-Line Coating Master


Name of Equipment
In-Line Coating Master

Design to apply selective conformal coating with a constant thickness on boards as in-line.

Standard Features
1. Selectable Coating Gun (Depends on the coating material)
: Membrane Gun, Vortex (Atomized) Gun, Needle Gun
2. Selectable Coating Liquid Storage Tank (Depends on the coating material)
: Level Gauge Type, Weight Balance Type, Viscosity Control System
3. Auto Width Adjustment
4. Graphical User Interface
5. 3 Color Tower Lamp with Audible Alarm
6. Black light & Fluorescent light
7. X, Y, Z, Θ axis Robot controlled by Servo Motor Drive
8. Conforms to SMEMA Spec. 1.2

1. Dual Gun System
2. Flim Width Check System (Membrane Coating Process Only)
3. Flow Meter

Model ECM-1100 ECM-1100B ECM-1500B
PCB Size (LxW, mm) 80x80 ~ 500x350 80x80 ~ 350x350 80x80 ~ 430x350
Machine Dimension (LxWxH, mm) 1100x1150x1650 1200x1150x1650 1500x1150x1650
Weight (kg) 550 550 600

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