Magazine Buffer


Name of Equipment
Magazine Buffer

Design for balance of production line in-between machines with different process time. Cylinder pushes PCBs to stack into magazine rack and to delivery them into next process. Machine has various functions with five magazine racks capacity. For Buffer modes, FIFO or LIFO modes are selectable. After inspection machine, NG PCBs can be stacked up as NG mode. For loader mode, loading PCBs from magazine rack and for unloader mode, unloading PCBs to magazine rack.

Standard Features
1. Manual Width Adjustment (Hand Crank)
2. Touch Screen for Operating Panel
3. 3 Color Tower Lamp with Audible Alarm
4. Magazine Change-Over Time up to 26 sec (220V, 60Hz, 1Ph)
5. Magazine Rack Capacity : 5 Racks
(Upper Magazine Conveyor : 2 Racks, Lower Magazine Conveyor : 3 Racks)
6. Selectable Magazine Conveyor Location (When it becomes order, it should be fixed.)
: Front Load or Rear Load
7. Selectable Setting for Pitch and First Start Slot by Touch Screen
8. Various Functions : Buffer(FIFO/LIFO)/By-Pass/NG/Loader/Unloader
9. Exit Rail Guide
10. Conforms to SMEMA Spec. 1.2

1. Auto or Semi-Auto Width Adjustment
2. Exit Rail Guide Auto Width Adjustment
3. Pusher Auto Position as Half of Conveyor Width
4. ESD Grounding Receptacles
5. Safety Cover
6. Cooling Fan
7. High Speed Magazine Change-Over Time up to 15 sec
8. Less Volume Handling (2, 3 or 4 racks)
9. CE Appliance (Model Name : EMB-370C)
10. Large PCBs (Over 530Lx460W) Applicable

Model EMB-370
PCB Size (LxW, mm) 50x50 ~ 330x250 50x50 ~ 430x330 50x50 ~ 530x390 50x50 ~ 530x460
Magazine Dimension
(LxWxH, mm)
355x318x570 460x400x570 535x460x570 535x530x563
Machine Dimension
(LxWxH, mm)
1050x1817x1150 1250x2197x1150 1450x2437x1150 1450x2707x1150
Weight (kg) 240 270 300 330

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