NG Belt Buffer


Name of Equipment
NG Belt Buffer

Design for stack up NG PCBs after inspection machines. As machine has repair function, operator can check stacked PCB and depends on the operator check result, repaired PCB can return to production without any interruption and delay of production. Repair conveyor is located in upper side of output conveyor. For PCBs stack and transfer, individual belt running system at each slot makes non-touch handling condition. Machine also has buffer mode (FIFO) for balance of production line in-between machines with different process time.

Standard Features
1. Auto Width Adjustment
2. Touch Screen for Operating Panel
3. 3 Color Tower Lamp with Audible Alarm
4. PCB Stack Capacity : 12 Boards (Based on 1 pitch, 30mm)
5. Lift Rack is located at PCB Entrance Side and Output Conveyor and Repair Conveyor is located at PCB Exit Side.
6. Selectable Mode : All Repair, NG Repair, All Stock(FIFO), By Pass
* All Repair Mode or NG Repair Mode *
Operator can check & repair and reload & remove stacked PCBs at repair conveyor by using repair button even the machine is under auto mode.

7. Lift High Speed
8. Conforms to SMEMA Spec. 1.2

1. ESD Grounding Receptacles
2. Safety Cover for Output & Repair Conveyor
3. Dual Buffer Type (Model Name : ESB-300D)
4. CE Appliance (Model Name : ESB-300C)
5. Large PCBs (Over 530Lx460W) Applicable
6. Monitor, Keyboard Mounted Bracket
7. RS-232C Communication with Inspection Machine : Review Function
* Review Function (For NG Repair Mode Only) *
Machine can save received inspection result(OK or NG SMEMA signal) via SMEMA communication and PCB ID via RS-232C communication from inspection machine for each slot PCBs. When stacked PCB is transferred(call) to repair conveyor, Machine will send relevant PCB ID to inspection machine/review system via RS-232C communication. Inspection machine/review system can display inspection result of that PCB by using the PCB ID. (Applicable inspection machine brand : Kohyong, Mirtec, Parmi, Pemtron and Saki. For other brands, possibility check will be required.)

Model ESB-300
PCB Size (LxW, mm) 50x50 ~ 330x250 50x50 ~ 430x350 50x50 ~ 530x460
Machine Dimension (LxWxH, mm) 870x830x1600 1045x930x1600 1220x1070x1600
Weight (kg) 230 260 310

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