Flat Belt Conveyor


Name of Equipment
Flat Belt Conveyor

Designed to be used as a linear work station for manual inserting production line. It is great when full support of product underside is required or when different width product is transported without rail width change.

Standard Features
1. Conveyor Belt Width : 400mm, 500mm or 600mm (Operating Temp. Max 80 degree)
2. Switch for Operating Panel
3. Conveyor Length : 1,000mm, 2,000mm, 3,000mm, etc
4. Conveyor Speed Adjustable by Speed Controller inside Control Box : 0~180 mm/sec (60Hz)
5. Conforms to SMEMA Spec. 1.2
6. Minimum Board Thickness 8mm for PCB Sensing via Standard Look Across Sensor (Under 8mm Thickness, Please let us know the board information to select the sensor type.)

1. Touch Screen for Operating Panel
2. 3 Color Tower Lamp with Audible Alarm
3. ESD Grounding Receptacles
4. Hard Stopper at Exit (End Plate)
5. Look Down Sensor for Board Detection
6. Accumulation Conveyor Running
7. CE Appliance (Model Name : EFC-2000C)

* For product inquiry and price, please email to sales@eunil.com