Wafer Loader / Wafer Unloader

EWL-100 / EWU-100

Name of Equipment
Wafer Loader / Wafer Unloader

Loader : Designed to load wafer into next process from wafer cassette.
Unloader : Designed to unload wafer to wafer cassette from production line.

Standard Features
1. Touch Screen for Operating Panel
2. 3 Color Tower Lamp with Audible Alarm
3. Lifter Up and Down High Precision Control by Servo Motor Drive with Ball Screw
4. Wafer Cassette Capacity: 1 Cassette
5. Conforms to SMEMA Spec. 1.2

Model EWL-100 EWU-100
Wafer Size (inch) 6" & 8"
Machine Dimension (LxWxH, mm) 560x475x1200
Weight (kg) 100

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